Pook at Nine


I must get a present and paint those ceilings and bake a cake and, oh, I hope I have all the ingredients in the cupboard and, man, I need to wash my hair because it’s so stringy and flat, dirty I guess, and the yard needs mowing and if I don’t do it soon, I’ll need a thresher and, you know, when I was walking Betty tonight, talking to her like I do, and that June bug flew right into my mouth, slowing its entry by sticking its spiky legs into my top lip, I thought, In the big scheme of things, that didn’t need to happen and now I think the reason it happened has to do with time and rain and high entropy, which I really don’t know anything about  and I’ve just remembered that there are Booja Booja truffles in the fridge and blueberry muffins in the freezer, not that I’m hungry at all, and I really want to be musing about Pook, because he’s nine years old today, and if I can find that thread that leads truly to his soul, then I can give him something that isn’t a throw away object because words, once written or spoken, don’t go away, sort-of like time and memory and already I’m remembering today how he laughed his hearty laugh and hummed his happiness song and when we played Pictionary and he got the word Waste, he drew a truck emptying its contents on top of the sun and the mountains and a tree and there, on the right side of the picture was an empty chair and I couldn’t make that connection and I still can’t but it made me feel lonesome with my love for him because already he’s nine and when he asked,“When will we come back to Sheila and David’s to swim?”, I said, “But we’re still here.”


That’s the word I will give to Pook for his birthday.

4 thoughts on “Pook at Nine

  1. Waaaaaugh!

    First i was laughing quite commiseratingly loudly; then my head gets airy as in after Yoga; then I just have to let you know somehow: — what a chord you’ve struck, as in massive pipe organ, thunderingly sweet and full. This will linger for a lifetime. Oh, yeah, and I can go back and reread it any day I want to. You have SUCH a gift, Shannon.

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